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Replacement Battery for Xiaomi Roborock S50 S51 S55 S5 14.8V 5200mah

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Replacement Battery for Xiaomi Roborock S50 S51 S55 S5 14.8V 5200mah

The minimum order quantity for this product is 100 pieces. We sell directly from the manufacturer and look for partners. Customizable.

A grade 18650 lithium ion battery cell inside

Double protection performance on PCM

Compatible for XIAOMI and ROBOROCK Vacuum Cleaner S50 S55 S60 S65 S5MAX S6 S7 Q5 Q7 MAX S7 MAXV Robot Vacuum

Flexible to choose with case or without case

    Product Description

    Replacement Battery for Xiaomi Roborock S50 S51 S55 S5 14vcvReplacement Battery for Xiaomi Roborock S50 S51 S55 S5 14f8m

    Battery Specification:

    Battery Capacity


    Battery Voltage

    14.4 V

    Battery Type

     lithium battery

    Battery Case

    ABS orange case

    Battery size

    5.39*1.69*1.77 inch

    Battery net weight


    Package include

    1*14.4V 5200mAh Battery+1*Manual in inner box,and then boxes pack in carton box 


    Q:Do All Types of Batteries Use Lithium ion battery?
    A:No, not all batteries use lithium ion. Lithium ion batteries are relatively new and are becoming increasingly popular in replacing existing battery technologies.
    Additionally, the most common types of off-the-shelf batteries found in stores are alkaline batteries. Most of the AA and AAA batteries in use today are alkaline batteries that use zinc and manganese dioxide for the chemical reaction to store energy.
    Before rechargeable lithium batteries gained popularity, most rechargeable batteries were Lead acid battery,nickel-cadmium (NiCad) and Nickel Metal Hydride(NIMH) ,now lithium ion battery take place more and more ,become the key rechargeable battery in the market ..
    One of the long-time standards in batteries, especially in motor vehicles, is lead-acid deep-cycle batteries. Lithium has quickly gained ground in this market in recent years, but lead-acid is still the primary choice in gas-powered motor vehicles due to the low upfront cost.
    Q:What’s The Most Common Type of Lithium Battery?
    A:Lithium cobalt oxide (LCO) batteries are used in cell phones, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, and many other consumer-facing devices. It should be of no surprise then that they are the most common type of lithium battery.
    Q:How to Choose The Right Lithium Battery For Your Job?
    A:As you can see, there are many different types of lithium batteries. Each one has pros and cons and various specific applications they excel in. Your application, budget, safety tolerance, and power requirements will determine which lithium battery type is best for you.

    Replacement Battery for Xiaomi Roborock S50 S51 S55 S5 14i8j