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Jieyo Technology Co., Ltd. Year-end Dinner of year 2023


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Jieyo Technology Co., Ltd. Year-end Dinner of year 2023

2024-03-05 15:13:42
The 2023 year-end dinner of Jieyo Technology Co,.Ltd was held in the courtyard of Jieyou factory on January 26, 2024. Du Jiuzhong, chairman and general manager of the company, delivered a speech, Mr. Du thanked all employees for their hard work for Jieyo in his speech, although the epidemic is over, but the battery industry as a whole is still very sluggish, the company has withstood huge external pressure, Jieyo company's total sales amount of all batteries keet same as in 2022,stopped the downward trend. In the Jieyo company’s sales products,the sales of Nimh batteries have decreased slightly, and lithium-ion batteries have increased a little, mainly due to the growth of lithium ion batteries for vacuum cleaners and Robot Sweeper, because the company has developed several well-known vacuum cleaner and robot sweeper customer this year and become its lithium ion  battery supplier.
Although the overall sales of Nimh batteries have decreased, there has been growth in the sub categories of high-temperature batteries. In 2023,Jieyo company's AAA, AA, SC, and C-type high-temperature batteries still captured a considerable market share. In addition, Jieyo company's Energy storage battery was sold to South Africa and Nigeria in Africa this year, which brought great confidence to the energy storage battery department. At the same time, the factory passed the SA8000 factory audit in 2023 and obtained the SA8000 certificate, and the factory already has a full range of ISO9001, ISO14001, and SA8000 certificates to help sales develop big and brand customers. These achievements are created by all colleagues of Jieyo. After the chairman's speech, entered the award session, awarded outstanding employee awards to in different departments, and rewarded the employees with outstanding performance in one year.After the award ceremony, we entered the dinner stage, during which there were lucky draws and performances. The performances were performed by employees from various departments, show their talents and skills.